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Boom Barriers
These ergonomically developed Boom Barriers play vital role in controlling unauthorized access of vehicles and public to specific premises. These need 120 watt power and up to 230 v voltage to operate.

Provided Bollards are known for their ergonomic look and user friendly mechanism. These have maximum 250 kg weight and up to 60 degree C operating temperature. These support hydraulic drive unit with 420 V voltage consumption rate.

Tyre Killer
Carbon steel made Tire Killers are used to restrict movement of vehicles coming from wrong side.  These speed breakers support electro hydraulic mechanism. These have 100% duty cycle and these have certification from ISO, CE and MIRA.

Crash Rated Bollards
Crash Rated Bollards have IP 67 protection rating. These comprise of hydraulic or pneumatic drive unit and carbon steel cylinder. These consume 420 V voltage and their thickness with coating is 27 mm.
Sliding Gate

A sliding gate opens in the sliding motion, rather swinging like the conventional gates. This gate doesnt require much space to open and ensures upmost security and comfort for the users.  

Pneumatic Bollard
Pneumatic Bollards are known for their automatic operation. Their rising time during emergency situation is maximum 3 seconds. These comprise of high strength carbon steel cylinder, LED lights or reflective band made illumination arrangement etc.

Tripod Turnstile
Offered Tripod Turnstiles are known for their AC driven mechanism and maximum 60 Hz frequency. Long working life, ergonomic appearance, stainless steel structure and low maintenance design are their main features.

Flap Barrier
Flap Barriers offered by us are used to control public entrance in specific areas. Driven BY AC power, these products have 100% duty cycle. Their throughout rate is 40 P/M and their dimension is 1200 x 280 x 980 mm.
Barrier Gates
Provided Barrier Gates are known for their AC power driven mechanism, long working life, ergonomic appearance and weather proof design. These products has IP 68 protection rating and maximum 60 Hz frequency.

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